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Providers of the Automatic Carrot Baton Machine

This compact machine is able to top, tail and baton carrots , at the rate of one carrot per second.

Automatic Baton
Carrot Machine

Francis Overall Baton Machine is a compact machine,
Machine which gives the option of a longer Carrot baton.
with a relatively small foot print. It is designed to top and tail carrots and then make them into batons at the rate of approximately 1 carrot per second.
There is also the option of a long Stroke.
The baton grids can be easily and simple changed.


Francis Overall Carousel Cutting Machine

The Carousel Grid Cutting Machine is a precision engineered machine which cuts vegetables and fruit into fries, batons, wedges, petals and slices.

Slither Remover

FOM 2 Roller Slither is small and compact.
It is a good solution to removing waste
slithers from the battening, dicing, slicing
and chipping process.
This machine can be either manually fed
or used in conjunction with the Francis
Overall Automatic Batten Machine. The
carrots are manually fed into the machine
and are then be discharged straight into
the FOM 2 Roller Slither Machine.

Bespoke Grids and Pushers

As the season pass you may be looking for something a little bit different. We can provide a range of different shapes like, Christmas Trees, Love Hearts and Shamrocks to name but a few. However if there is something else you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your needs, we are always happy to accommodate where possible.

Hand Prep Machines & Accessories

New & Used Hand Chippers


Hand Baton Machines


Machinery Hire

At Francis Overall we hold a range of our machinery in stock which are available for both hire and sale.
We offer individual machines to full peeling line hire, which include:

  • Automatic Baton Machines
  • Hand Baton Machines
  • Hand Chip Machines
  • Carousel Cutting Machines
  • Slither Removers


Please contact us today to discuss all your machinery processing needs.

Spares And Repairs

We hold a full range of blades and machine parts in-stock.

  • Full Machinery servicing and maintenance
  • Hand Chip Machines
  • Service contracts
  • Individual machine servicing
  • Machinery maintenance and onsite call outs
  • Refurbishing and reconditioning for our machines


In some cases we may be able to offer a loan machine so there will be no interruption to production.